Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting Lighter : Under eye Circles : Applewoods :)

Kich's Box Shop is one of the sponsors on my contest,with that she gave me presents that i really didn't expected . I received three Applewoods products, i really dont have an idea what APPLEWOODS PRODUCT is like,sounds new to me. Applewoods has a wide range of skin care beauty products,from body butter,therapeutic oils,soaps,body scrubs,epsom salt and other skin care regime, you may check it at  Kich' s Box Shop.

Im starting of with the Lavender Epsom Salt that she gave me.

 I'm really not fond of using scrubs and salts like this,but then after working out. I tried this Lavender Epsom salt, it really smells good, And after awhile i felt relaxed,this is advisable for a stressful day. Its very relaxing.

Another item that i got is this Placenta Soap.

Placenta soap helps tighten your skin,and remove dead skin on your face/body,i let my mom used it and according to her,this soap is nice to use coz she felt the effect after 3days of using it,Her face got tighter and lighter.

Save the best for last ! Lastly,i got this Applewoods Glutathione Cream with spf50.

So yeah the picture tell it all, actually i have this kind of obsession on getting a lighter skin , i meant lighter , not to get white :) This cream is really fab,you can really see the effect after using it. My skin got lighter, the fun part is that i can go out just by having this cream on my face, yes ! Without any makeup on. As you can see my dark under eye circles got lighter too, i really have a bad dark under eye circles so im really glad that i found out about applewoods glutathione cream, i can go out without any concealer on. This is such an amazing product, as ive said on my other blog im not that person who buys in just by telling that the item is good.This is really worth buying.

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