Wednesday, November 23, 2011


To shorten this blog post , as usual Joleen of Baller Bands for sale is one of my major sponsors for my contest. She sponsored five Heartbreaker baller bands,awesomeness!

and for that i searched for her other items ,there are huge choices of baller designs on her website.

The baller design that really caught my attention is this SUPERMAN & WONDER WOMAN design it really has bright colors thats pleasing to the eye.

Another item that i saw on Joleen's online shop is the Wish Lanterns. Who doesn't want this? You can have a very romantic date or just have a simple celebration using this wish lanterns . Take note this lanterns are really affordable , you can get it for 150php each only. How awesome is that?

For more information about this wish lanterns and other stuffs feel free to visit  Baller Bands for sale

Youtube Channel : AttitudeMakeUpByKAT
Twitter : xoPUSSYKAT

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