Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mary Kay Event (Facial & Hand Spa Set)

So a sponsor invited me to the Mary Kay's Event last November 04 2011,but we really didnt attend the seminar because its already late.Kash,the beauty consultant introduced and let us experience what Mary Kay product is like. Mary Kay has also ways on enhancing womens lives by being a beauty consultant and offering others some of the products.

Keep updated ill be having a review on each item :)

Mary Kay Sunscreen,Eyeliner,Lipstick, 
Eyeshadow & brochure. 

Pls Check out Mary Kay Kash Shop if you want to purchase some of the Fab products and learn some of the things about Mary Kay.
 Timewise Facial Set : 3in1 Cleanser , Age-Fighting Moisturizer,Night Solution & Day Solution Sunscreen with spf25

On the said day,Kash introduced us the Mary Kay's Hand spa and Facial Set. Honestly i'm a bit distracted by the things that were doing coz' i really don't have a skin care routine for myself. After awhile,i didn't expect the outcome when i finished trying the Mary Kay Facial set. Where can you find a good and affordable product that you can see the result after trying it?

Im really amazed on how the facial set reacts on my face,i felt all of the dirt and that is taken of because of the 3 in 1 cleanser and moisturizer.Stress reliever it is. Its also a good way on taking care of your skin without the hassle of going to Facial Centers and Spa's,because honestly all of the things that you need is on the Mary Kay's timewise facial set. I really don't buy in just by telling me that the product is Good and so. For me its "TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE". I'm satisfied that i found a perfect skin care regime for myself. By the help of my friend Kash of Mary Kay Kash Shop.
Hand Spa Set :  Peach Hand Softener,Peach Hand Scrub & Peach Hand Cream

Another one is the Hand Spa set , I don't really go to spa's .Upon trying the hand spa set i felt relaxed because my hands is one of the things that's stressing me out and the other One is my eyes , basically because  I'm staying all day long in front of my desktop because of some things to be done. It smells so good and its very relaxing and hassle free that i got a spa on myself at home using a High End affordable products of Mary Kay.

As i said its " TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE" better try it for yourself. Feel free to contact KASH if you want to purchase and experience an unforgettable moment like this.

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