Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Tattoos

First tattoo : Wings

Wings as a tattoo design can often have inspirational or spiritual symbolism. In many myths, wings often have to be earned by their wearer.

Wings, often associated with birds, represent speed, elevation, freedom and aspiration.

Second Tattoo : Cherry Blossom (not yet finish)

This represent a feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of power or feminine dominance. Within the language of herbs and herbal lore of the Chinese the cherry blossom is often the symbol of love.

Third Tattoo : edwin ( daddy ),evangeline ( mommy ),adrian ( kuya ),kathrina ( me ), My family names . I love them .

Fourth Tattoo : Dolphin

Dolphins are free-spirited, playful, and are often seen frolicking in the water and this is what some of us want to capture in a dolphin tattoo. They represent freedom, happiness, and love for life. The symbol of the dolphin is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. It is also the symbol of rebirth and hope for a better life ahead.


I always bear in my mind that everytime i get myself inked, it has a meaning in my life.

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