Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Tattoos

First tattoo : Wings

Wings as a tattoo design can often have inspirational or spiritual symbolism. In many myths, wings often have to be earned by their wearer.

Wings, often associated with birds, represent speed, elevation, freedom and aspiration.

Second Tattoo : Cherry Blossom (not yet finish)

This represent a feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of power or feminine dominance. Within the language of herbs and herbal lore of the Chinese the cherry blossom is often the symbol of love.

Third Tattoo : edwin ( daddy ),evangeline ( mommy ),adrian ( kuya ),kathrina ( me ), My family names . I love them .

Fourth Tattoo : Dolphin

Dolphins are free-spirited, playful, and are often seen frolicking in the water and this is what some of us want to capture in a dolphin tattoo. They represent freedom, happiness, and love for life. The symbol of the dolphin is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. It is also the symbol of rebirth and hope for a better life ahead.


I always bear in my mind that everytime i get myself inked, it has a meaning in my life.

Dinner at Al-Shams & Party at Calamba,Laguna.

Had Dinner at Al-Shams Bf , were looking for a Good indian/middle eastern cuisine one of our favorites so there,everything is really spicy. Any , still got so bloated after :))

I ordered a Mild Chicken Beryani , the food is really delish ! :))

Im done eating , Mom & Dad is still not yet finish.

Then we head off to Calamba,Laguna for Mayor Amante's Birthday Bash , a family friend. The place is really huge ad beautiful.Staffs have their own room and pool, then for us vip's too. Really had an awesome weekend :))

I didnt had a chance to swim because of my menstrual period,so i ended up staying on our room. Still fun :p

When my brother and sister-in-law arrived at the venue they gave me a Jollibee meal coming from the birthday party that they attended,thats sweet :)

Heading off home , Bonded with my cutiepatootie Nephew.

Dinner at Al-Shams & Party at Calamba,Laguna

Had Dinner at Al-Shams Bf with Mommy and Daddy, were looking for a Good indian/middle eastern cuisine so there, its one of our favorites,the food is really delish!!! :) but a bit spicy. Any , still got so bloated after :))

I just ordered Mild Chicken Beryani and Mango shake , i swear even if its mild it still has tons of herbs and spices in it LOL,its so spicy.

Im done eating ! :) Mom and dad is still not yet finish.

Then we head off to Calamba,Laguna for Mayor Amante's Birthday Bash , a family friend. The place is really huge ad beautiful.Staffs have their own room and pool, then for us vip's too. Really had an awesome weekend :))

When my brother and sister in-law arrived they gave me a take home Jollibee Meal coming from the birthday party that they attended, that's sweet! :)

Heading home , bonded with my cutiepatootie nephew :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Three Sponsors

Here are the first three lovely ladies that sponsored some awesome items on the upcoming Naturally Beautiful Contest. I swear im so excited to post everything online but some items are still in transit feel free to check their items :)


Check her fab items here : Tomatokizz MiniBoutique

Check her fab items here : Shop N' Save

Check her fab items here : Pink Ribbon Shop

Thank you Ladies ! Godspeed <3

Naturally Beautiful Contest

So yeah ! This is it Ladies , My first ever "welcoming" Contest :)) Watch out for the tons of FAB PRIZES that im Giving away.Take note some of this lovely ladies from different LEGIT ONLINE SHOPS will be sponsoring some of the fab prizes ! Watch out ! :))

How to Join : 

Naturally Beautiful Contest 

Mechanics : 
1.Must be a subscriber on my blogspot or youtube channel. If not, your entry will not be qualified.

2.Like my Facebook Page : Attitude Makeup By : Kat F.

3.For 18yrs old and below,be sure that you have a permission from your parents on joining the contest.


5.Post your entry on my FACEBOOK PAGE
And answer the question [] What makeup look would you like me to do and why? 

How to win :
*We have three winners,two winners we’ll be judge by the chosen judges.

*The other winner will win by having the most likes.STRICTLY NO DUMMY ACCOUNT



Friday, October 28, 2011


So,I ran out of makeup remover and its really a big problem for me because i really use makeup alot. Then luckily i discovered this Pigeon Baby Wipes from my Nephew's things.He has two different types, the johnsons baby wipes and pigeon.

Actually those wipes are used for baby azlan's hygiene especially when he pupu haha. Compared to makeup removers,babywipes has milder chemicals and its alot cheaper too.

I first tried the johnsons wipes on my face , i didnt like it . It only removes a bit of my makeup, & its mahapdi when it touches my eyes.

You can buy Pigeon Babywipes for php199.00 for two ! You have 90 wipes on each pack , and i tend to use  two wipes to fully remove my makeup  :) Compared to other makeup removers ranging from 400+++ this is really a good thing to buy,MONEY SAVER.


*Ph 5.0-naturally gentle
*Natural chamomile oil,with gentle and soothing properties is an excellent  natural skin cleansing agent to soothe and protect the delicate skin of your baby.
 *Ph level 5.0 best suited for optimal cleansing while retaining the overall skin moisture balance.
 *So gentle it can be used daily even on hands and face.
*Thicker durable wipes with added softness for a gentle touch of loving tenderness.
*Pigeon wipes are microbiology tested to ensure superior hygene & quality


Something Green Makeup

Green is one of my favorite colors,aside from my friend suggesting a SUPER GREEN look, my idea came from a pineapple on our dining table awhile ago while eating lunch . LOL So heres the outcome :)) Hope you Like it !

Watch the tutorial : Something Green
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Products Used :
Rimmel Renew & Lift in 300 Sand
L'oreal Paris Super Blendable Powder Foundation in G5 Golden Beige
The Face Shop Perfect Stick Concealer #1
                               180 Colors Palette (white & yellow eyeshadow)
 Laura Geller Eyeshadow Duo in Smoke (black eyeshadow)
Elf Eyelid Primer
Nyx Round Lipstick in Paris
The Body Shop Lip Therapy Lipgloss
R & B Blush Color Wheel (coral)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caronia Nail Polish

On my way back home ,i stopped by hortaleza a store with some hair,spa,and skin care products and see what stuffs can i get from there.Then i realize im running out of NAIL POLISH ! , so yeah i look for one.

There are so many types and brands of nail polish on the store,some looks like real paint. But out of so many choices i got these three caronia nail polish.Shades are in BABY PINK,GOLDEN BRONZE & BLUE CHILL.
BabyPink,Golden Bronze & Blue Chill

I got this eight ml caronia nail polish for the price of  Php28.00 each! yes , that cheap but with a very good quality.The baby pink is in its regular shade & the other two are in its frosted type.Im not really fond of nail stuff but once in awhile i love to put some colors in it so it wouldn't be that boring :)).
When applied on nails.
Why spend too much when you get to have the same quality? :)
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Mom's Beef Salpicao

Our family planned on having a lunch date at tagaytay days ago and bought some fresh beef meat on the market,So yeah mommy cooked beef salpicao for dinner(10/27/2011), i didn't get to watch how she cooked it coz im doing some stuffs in my room.too bad.
It taste so delicious and i even ate a lot i meant A LOT,she used the tenderest part of the beef for the dish,shes a good cook same as my grandmother,and everyone in our whole clan can prove that :))

this is the one on my plate,its so yummy!  and i got so bloated lol.

Bollywood Makeup

I really love indian makeup,the eyes are so dramatic plus the stunning colors are really awesome.Its like the eyes is speaking for you,very expressive.So beautiful, so heres my take on indian bridal makeup. You can refer to the link below for the tutorial.

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Visit my channel for this Bollywood tutorial   :  BOLLYWOOD

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Smokey Eyes in Royal Blue

This are just plain pictures of my Smokey Eyes in Royal Blue look. You may refer to the link below for the tutorial ! :*


Everyday Makeup Look

Everyday Makeup Look

Apply peach e/s on your eyelid

on top of it,apply this shimmery bronze(almost natural) eyeshadow

for your final look,simply apply gel eyeliner and mascara on your eyes! :)) , thats it ! I just want to make everything simple and catchy. <3
(i didnt have a video tutorial for this look,because of the gloomy weather.)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween : Easy Wild Cat Makeup Look

Halloween : Easy Wild Cat Makeup Look

w/special participation of my cutey tiger stuff toy . LOL

Tutorial Video : Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial
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Something from a chinese drugstore

So this is a short review about this certain product coming from a Chinese drugstore.

I always see my grandmother use it,she has diabetes so some wounds are not easy to heal,but after days of using it,her wounds is dried up and healed.
One night mom introduced it to me and said that some of my aunt's and uncle' is using it for skin asthma,pimples, itchiness and other skin stuff. Im like "OH SHIT ! I NEED THIS"
I have this kind of allergy that when i get to eat lots of egg my ears will start to itch like hell and sometimes it hurts really bad coz' its swollen.FACT : (i can eat at least 6 eggs a day:) )

So yeah i bought one for myself at SM SOUTHMALL,GROUND FLOOR,and its about php50 only ! So affordable , really a good buy.

Its cream base and it smells good :) Helps in drying out your acne's and some itchy thingy too. Good thing is,It has no side effects coz' its herbal. Bad thing? i cant read the label itself.HAHA ! :)) Its worth a try.

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